The Importance of Community Service and Volunteering

The Importance of Community Service and Volunteering

The statement that the volunteer movement and social work are elements of social responsibility and highest manifestations of a developed civil society is not accidental. Today, the role of the volunteer movement is becoming increasingly important for the social development of society. Modern society more than ever needs to be aware of the need and importance of volunteer movements.

The development of volunteering is important for society as a whole and its individual sectors, as well as volunteers themselves. For an individual, participation in volunteer activities contributes to self-realization and self-improvement, provides an opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience, which, of course, is important especially for young people, as well as the opportunity to feel socially significant and useful.

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Public works help the state to solve the tasks more effectively. The development of volunteering contributes to the formation of civil society and enhances the role of non-profit and public organizations. Volunteering has a positive impact on the social and economic development of the country as a whole, helping to solve socially significant problems. Corporate volunteering is one of the most important ways to demonstrate the social responsibility of business. Volunteering greatly affect the education system since the involvement of schoolchildren and students in this type of activity contributes to the formation of an active life position, develops skills of young personalities, enhances knowledge, and supports the patriotic spirit.

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Social Responsibility and Civil Society

The term “social responsibility” in the broadest sense is defined as responsibility for given promises, as well as obligations to people (society). Speaking of social responsibility, it should be noted that it is based on the social nature of human behavior because life in society imposes certain obligations on each of its members. The concept of civil society is inextricably linked with social responsibility. Public organizations are the basis of civil society (human rights, environmental, educational, sports, volunteer associations, and other non-profit organizations).

The state forms and implements a system of social responsibility not in isolation from the whole society but with it. Such an approach makes it possible to prevent the possible appearance and manifestation of sharp contradictions, provides a sufficient degree of coherence between the actions of society and the state in the formation of active social space.

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The Benefits of Community Service and Volunteering

The history of volunteering shows that wide sections of the population, regardless of profession, income, and level of education, have always participated in volunteer work. Membership in volunteer movements has no religious, age, racial, or gender restrictions. Every year, volunteering is becoming increasingly popular in the world. The forms of volunteer activity are very diverse: one-time charity events and actions, projects and grants, target programs, camps, etc. Within the framework of these measures, feasible social, cultural, economic, and environmental problems of society are solved. Virtual or online volunteering is a new and effective option for voluntary participation. It provides an opportunity to show social activity to those people who cannot donate their time.

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It can be argued that volunteer activities are aimed at building a socially responsible society by providing social services necessary for citizens. It is based on altruism, unselfishness, generosity, publicity, humanism, voluntariness, legality, mercy, and dedication.

Currently, specialists highlight the expansion of volunteer space among the priority areas facing the volunteer movement. The search for forms and methods of joint activities of social protection institutions, secondary schools, law enforcement agencies, cultural institutions, labor collectives as participants in the voluntary movement is of great importance today. Testimonials

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