Topic Sentence of the Argumentative Essay

Topic Sentence of the Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a special paper in which the author should prove his or her theories with the help of arguments. Such texts have a special structure. In the works of this type, there are many facts. This is a rather difficult task, which very often has to be prepared by students. Not everyone can write such work at the first time, but everything is possible if you train and do your best. Here is some useful information that will help you learn what an argumentative essay is and how to write a good topic sentence.

Secrets of Argumentative Writing

Special Features of Such Works

Like all other student works, the reasoned essay has a structure which approximates the standard one. However, anyway, there are some special features. Each new argument must be highlighted in a separate paragraph. At the beginning of the indent, there is always a fact-finding topic sentence. Each paragraph should be rather concise and clear. Such special structure of the text helps the writers express their thoughts consistently, and readers have the opportunity to understand the text better.

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Thesis and Topic Sentence

Thesis is your main idea, the issue that you will work on. The thesis formulates and summarizes everything that you wrote in the whole paragraph. The topic sentence has only an introductory and informative function. It briefly tells the reader about the subject of the study. The main goal of this sentence is to attract readers' attention.

Variants of Ideal Topic Sentence

As it was said earlier, the topic sentence should attract readers' attention. Your main task is to make it as unusual and interesting as possible. Write a rhetorical question on which many people will ponder. You can also use the famous saying or quotations of writers, scholars, and other historical personalities.

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Structure of the Proper Topic Sentence

The main rule of a good thematic proposal is brevity and clarity. Long, too complex proposals will not be remembered by anyone and will not impress readers. Try to express the basic information in a few words. In spite of the fact that the topic sentence should be memorable, do not overdo it. Remember that the argumentative essay is still a scientific-style work. Do not use slang or vernacular to attract attention. The only possible exception is that there can be only a quote from the original text if you are doing a literature study. The usage of terms is encouraged. It is important to use only those terms, the meaning of which you know well. If you doubt a word, it is better to omit or replace it with another, more understandable. Scientific style always requires accuracy.

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Writing argumentative essay and topic sentence is quite difficult but at the same time interesting task. This experience will help you develop as a writer because you will have the opportunity to learn many subtleties of academic writing. Try to write your first paper and you will see that this is not so difficult and even very useful. Testimonials

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