Reflective Cycle

Reflective Cycle

There is an interesting method that encourages you to think systematically about the phases of experience or activity in psychology. It is very easy to use it, but it is very useful. Many people believe that the best learning is experience. This is right, but why do some people learn faster with the help of experience (with equal time spent), while others hardly understand what needs to be done? The second type of people is constantly doing the same thing, and this experience is not useful for them. The Gibbs model will help you to take all the best from different life situations, and understand what and how to do better and apply this knowledge in the future.

In 1988, Professor Graham Gibbs published his model called Reflective Cycle in the book “Learning by Doing.” It has gained popularity. This method can be used in absolutely any situation when you need to learn something.

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Using the Model

You can use this model to study the situation yourself or with the help of a mentor or your friend. To start, select a situation from the past for analysis. Think about the situation that gave you an interesting experience and food for thought.


At this stage, do not make any conclusions and do not involve emotions, you just need to find out what happened.


At this stage, you must understand your feelings before the situation that has occurred, during it, and analyze your emotions after it.


Answer the following question: what are the positive and negative aspects of this situation?


Analyze the information you have at this moment. It will help you to answer the following questions correctly.

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What can be done to make the situation positive for you and other people next time? If you could be in this situation again, what would you change in your behavior and thoughts? What skills do you need to develop to cope with the situation better next time?


After you have analyzed the situation from all sides, many things have become clear to you. If this situation recurs, you will approach it more consciously.You must draw up a detailed plan of actions and prepare for changes. Do not let things take their course, take matters into your own hands.

Remember that this model can be used for a variety of situations. If you remember a few more cases, run through the questions again and answer them frankly. Testimonials

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