Confucianism vs Taoism in Comparison and Contrast Essay

Confucianism vs Taoism in Comparison and Contrast Essay

Writing such sort of essays is a serious challenge. Comparison and contrast of any religious confessions is a complicated task because students usually find confusing what to include and what to start with. However, any essay must have a distinct logic and structure and such types of assignments are no exception. That means that everything will work if you fill each logical "container" with relevant information. To be more specific, you may do this as follows:

  • Belief as Such

Every single religion bases itself on some fundamental belief. So, the difference/similarity in these beliefs will be a platform for the discussion. Taoism practices belief in harmony with nature, and Confucianism positions God to be the only master for humans.

  • Practical Reason

What both religions strive to do? Taoism leads to being harmonious with nature, and Confucianism tends to improve the society and its morals.

  • Personalities

Who are the most prominent founders or leaders? Find them and describe how and why they shaped a religion in a way it is practiced.

  • Views on Equality

How both religions treat different genders, ethnicities, and other religious practices? Is there any preconception of private, family, or professional life for these groups?

  • When and How Holidays Are Celebrated

What is the reason a particular holiday is celebrated? Why? Some history or event may be the cause of the holiday. What are the rituals, customs, or specific activities that must be performed or avoided?

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It is appropriate to make a general comment on the fact that any other religions can be compared and contrasted in a similar way. The main purpose of such essays not to indicate which religion is better, it is more important to reveal why people regard it as their faith, and what aspect of human life is affected with practicing a particular confession. Testimonials

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