Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Any company or organization needs human resource management because it influences the whole work process of this company or organization. The principal goal of human resource management is to make sure that the employee performance is maximized. However, sometimes a number of challenges emerge and they affect the way human resource management works.

Today, we face the emergence of innovative issues and trends in human resource management. Some of them are especially important. Let us discuss them further.

  • Technology. This essential trend affects human resource management in a number of aspects because it lets employees work in a mobile state. For instance, one does not have to be at a certain organization to perform human resource management duties there. HERMIS is a good example of this trend as it allows replacing the entire file work and storing all the confidential information absolutely safely. Therefore, it is very important to consider technology, when one faces organizational issues.
  • Employee Involvement. It is a vital trend in human resource management that allows the organization to become successful. It includes goal setting, team work, training of employees, participative management, and so on.
  • Contingent Workforce. Today, some employees are able to work for a certain company only for a short period. They are hired only in the periods when an organization faces workflow deviation. This kind of workers needs to have the skills the organization needs.

Challenges in HRM

Every day, HR teams face different challenges in human resource management. Let us discuss these challenges in the next section.

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The challenges faced by the HR team can be divided into three principal categories. They are environmental, organizational, and individual challenges. Further, these challenges will be discussed more thoroughly:

  • Environmental challenges are the challenges that occur because of the external forces. These challenges are important to keep in mind since they greatly influence the way an organization works. The examples of environmental challenges are globalization, legislation, rapid changes, diversity of the workforce, family roles, lack of required skills, etc. It is important to remember that all these challenges represent a serious threat to the human resource management.
  • Organizational challenges are the issues encountered by the HR team in the organization. Proactive HR managers can overcome these challenges. The principal cause of these challenges lies within the organizational structure. It can be anything like self-managed teams and their actions, competitiveness, organizational restructuring and downsizing, organizational culture development, and so on.

For an organization to work smoothly and be successful, it is important to establish the good work of human resource management. While organizing the proper functioning of this department, it is essential to keep in mind all the above-mentioned trends and challenges in human resource management. In this case, HR managers will be able to perform their duties successfully. Testimonials

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