Is the Society a Key Factor for Shaping a Personality?

Is the Society a Key Factor for Shaping a Personality?

Under present-day conditions, we lead a hectic lifestyle and rarely wonder whether we have a noble obligation in this life or not. What is more, we rarely wonder what actually has brought us to this particular time and place. Most of us have come to terms with the theories of human development, which claim that such things as opportunities and surrounding define who we are and who we will be in the near future. All things considered, we are taught to adapt to the realities of the present world and to evaluate our decisions and actions through the societal attitudes.  What is more, there is a trend, a kind of mainstream, and people just follow it without giving a second thought. Despite everything mentioned, I would like to refute the claim that the society is a backbone of our identity.

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Two basic things have a greater influence on us. First and foremost, it is our family, whereas the second, even more crucial issue, is nature. Have you ever wondered what would have happened to you if you were born in another family with other values and you had other dispositions? Let’s get down to business and look at these notions closer.

Family is a place where you get your first impression of the world. These people set their own examples, shape our perceptions of the world around, and watch each our step not just to guide, but also to help us to pave the road to the promising future. Some of you might argue now that the society does the same, that it influences our ideas, values, and passions. There is a grain of truth here, yet the society starts influencing us when we are older than three. All in all, it means that the society frames, limits, and adjusts us to its needs, but it also means that this influence will extend till a certain point – the barrier, which was built by the family.

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Nature… As far as the issue of noble obligation has also been partly mentioned, let’s form the following question: “Who defines a vocation for us and is it a congenital issue or acquired?” Raising the question of aptitudes and dispositions, I strongly believe that not only every one of us is unique, but also has a set of congenital features. If you have ever had an opportunity to observe small kids, you will agree that each of them is one-of-a-kind. One might be curious and willing to open each door, to taste each toy, to fall from every coach, and to visit every corner. The other might sit calmly playing with toys, showing all features of an introvert. Stubbornness, obedience, recklessness – these features might be modified by the family and later by the society. But who says that they will be eliminated forever?

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Making a significant conclusion, despite the considerable influence the society has on us, the pivotal role of shaping the personality belongs to the family and to the nature. A new-born child is a personality and we can only slightly change it. Testimonials

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